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Our team consists of 45 experienced and skilled workers who work very hard for making your dream house a reality



“A good design without functionality is like a room without natural light.”

Ethan Vartak | Founder

Evoke Interiors exists because our founder, Nandan Vartak, has a passion to create beautiful spaces, explore latest styles and colours, and delight clients with his fine craftmanship and vision. A graduate in Applied Arts, he excels in the art of converting raw, boring expanses into innovative spaces that speak volumes of the people inhabiting it. By seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality, he ensures that a client’s home or business space is a mirror image of what they have envisioned.



Delivering meticulously tailored residential and commercial projects.

We at Evoke Interiors are here to create experiences, not just interiors. With an array of inventive techniques and fine craftmanship, we are able to interpret every client’s passion and create exquisite interiors that resonate with their personality and style. Over the years, we have worked with a myriad of clients that have constantly enabled us to push boundaries and think out-of-the-box. Besides advising you with sound design practices, we also fill the shoes of an interior decorator thus giving you the right guidance with regard to raw materials, aesthetics, furnishings and more.

Excellence is the way forward!

Creating interiors that are an epitome and reflection of your taste and values!

For us, a customer is at the heart of every creative process. Even before bringing to the table our fresh ideas and strong concepts, we like to learn about your character and values, and what you want your space to embody. We believe that every individual envisions their home to be a certain way. With simple and sustainable design practices, we will express your vision visually and creatively. Along the way, we will guide you with our conceptual thinking and refined aesthetics but never impose our thoughts upon you.




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Ethical Approach

May it be a turnkey project or a project fee-based interior, we always use the right material and do not miss guide our clients. 

Timely Deliveries

Time is money and health is wealth. We prefer not to waste any of the above. We do not take a lot of projects at a time. And if done so, we have different teams working on different projects.

Evoking Designs

We know that client is going to stay in their house, so we do not impose our ideas on them. Instead, we magnify their thoughts and ideas to make the place liveable for them.


Seek expert advice to create a space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing!

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