The brief: To transform the master bedroom by adding flow and establishing the focal points. This was one project where provision for ample storage was created. Based on our client’s initial, we decided to incorporate the letter ‘S’ in the overall design of the room. For the client to display his personal memorabilia, we added an S-shaped shelf just above the headboard of the bed. Keeping in mind, flow, symmetry and lines, we added an in-built dressing table that continued from the bedside table. Overall, form, function and style were paramount in designing this room.

location: Dadar East

area: 290 sq.ft.

time: 1 month



Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 9.33.08 PM

Shweta Shinde

The team Evoke is extremely helpful. They were very fast and accurate with the timelines. I loved the overall look, it is very calm and pleasing.

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 9.33.41 PM

Siddhartha Shinde

Nandan is very professional and his team is also very skilled. I personally like the quality of his work. Best wishes for Evoke team.